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We are specialists, we cover different markets such as: Hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and industrial use

Meat film

Blow film for manual & semi automatic use is produced in our facility.

The type of meat film depends on the use based on the customers needs. Currently our catalogue of the main products includes:

  • Poultry
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Cheese
  • Others

Mother reel

A wide range of jumbo reels for converter in different lenght (up to 15,000m / 49,000´), width, thickness and colors is produced. Our 25-gauge thickness is outstanding as Fine Packaging is the only one capable of producing it in the market.

As a result of that, higher performance in our converters is remarkable provided that time lost is diminished.

  • Core inner diameter 3″ / 76 mm

Cutter box for food service

Fine Packaging personalizes the art work, packing and packaging of the cutter box (individually wrapped in shrink film, boxed in six-pack, four-pack, etc.). We can also offer metal blade or sliding plastic blade.

In addition our cutter boxes have  end caps in order to facilitate the unwinding of the film.

 Width               Length
  12″                       1000´
  12″                       2000´
  12″                       3000´
  18″                       1000´
  18″                       2000´
  18″                       3000´
  24″                       2000´
  24″                       3000´

Auto & semi

Special formula have been developed in single and dual layer structure, adapted to all kind of automatic machines. Today our films are  successfully used in the most demanding automatic machines existing in the market.